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Are you using Home Health Care services?  You may unknowingly become an EMPLOYER!

​Recently, we have unfortunately seen this happen to clients.  You hire a service to provide a Home Health aid for Mom or Dad, and the service tells you to just "pay the aide directly", so you add up their hours and hand out checks.  You just became an employer!  We do not advise clients to enter into these agreements, and insist that you pay the service and let them pay the aide!  As an employer, you are responsible for State and Federal reporting, paying employer taxes, withholding, sharing in Unemployment benefits if you lay off your worker, Worker's Comp insurance... and a mess of other responsibilities that you do not want!  I'll list links to some helpful articles.

Remember - despite how Aides may represent themselves as a subcontractor, the IRS typically views Caretakers as household employees!