TIP:  Make sure that you issue 1099's timely.  Anyone that has been paid for services of $600 or more in one year, and is not incorporated, must be sent a 1099.  You must also send a 1099 to your Landlord and for ALL Attorney Fees paid.

We Love Small Businesses!

Running an business is no easy task!  Trying to run a business in NJ is even more difficult!  We can help you through every step of the process, and to keep on track with your required Quarterly obligations, paying bills, recording After the Fact Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Sales Tax, and evaluations - maximizing profits!   

Looking for a service to provide Payroll?  We recommend Payday.  They are a local company providing excellent service.

​Employers must have new hires complete an I-9.​  Links are for the Department of Homeland Security website.  You can view the handbook, print an I-9, file online, and much more; an excellent and informative resource!

Struggling to offer Medical Benefits to employees?  Some of our clients are taking advantage of a QSEHRA plan, where they can reimburse employees for medical expenses with Pre-Tax dollars! 

NJ Department of Labor - Link to COMPLIANCE, including the new Earned Sick Leave Rules! *This is in addition to Family Leave Rules.

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Are your Independent Contractors actually Employees?  ​Many employers are unaware that certain levels of control and some interactions with workers hired as independent contractors can actually make them employees!   If you have contractors that you have the right to: exercise direct control over; give direct instruction to; invest in the equipment that they use; provide regular guaranteed wages; provide benefits; or if you expect to use this person indefinitely... then it is likely that you have an employee and not an independent contractor.  Contact us if you have any questions, or to evaluate your independent contractors as potential employees.