“I was sitting in Arlene’s office to give her my receipts and information for my 2015 income tax return and she said something which ended with – well you are the one in ministry.  I replied, “You are in ministry too.  I come in here anxious about my tax return. Clergy taxes are complicated and I know that when I walk into your office that they will be done well, that you will ask me the right questions and help me prepare for next year. I leave feeling ministered to and that is a wonderful gift.”

 Anne-Marie Jeffery, Episcopal Clergy.

I had to pay because I messed up turbo tax.  I will never use that thing again! I will only use you, Shults accounting!!  :) 

- Rachel Sadick

I wanted to take this time to reach out and thank you for all the help and advice you have provided to me and my wife about our Taxes. You were able to find additional deductions that my previous accountant didn’t find or know about to help lower my tax bill. Also the advice that was given about retirement planning concerning my 401K truly help out and increased my retirement planning to fully take advantage of diversifying my portfolio. Since the nature of my business is business banking, I have began referring my clients to you. All and all I am pleased and grateful to your firm.

 Kevin W Croft
Business Banking Specialist

Arlene + Wally:

We couldn't be more pleased that you did our

taxes for us this year.  It always took us weeks

and weeks and weeks to do them, causing us

lots of angst! We also appreciate how casual you were, making the process easier for us. (You were "casually professional").  Thank you and we will see you next year. 

- Peggy Massey

It has been my pleasure to work with Arlene for over 30 years! I own and operate a small business in NJ, and Arlene has always been there to guide me through accounting, payroll, employee issues, state and federal taxation, and planning. Since Wally joined, he has been my computer teacher and has helped me to survive Quickbooks.

To refer to Arlene as my “Accountant” is an understatement. She has always helped me in business and personal accounting matters, but she's so much more. If I have any problem or questions – I call Arlene! If I have a computer problem – I call Arlene! If I don't understand a new rule or law – I call Arlene! If I need to figure out how I am doing bonuses or dividends or handling a vendor... Arlene!

I am so happy that we have built such a strong and time-tested relationship. It is my honor and pleasure to fully recommend your firm, without reservation.

Linda Gove
Outdoor Deck-Ors, Inc.

Arlene L Shults, CPA

Cherry Hill, NJ

tel. 856-874-1890

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