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Thank you for your service to our country!  As part of the gas tax hike, NJ VETS are receiving an additional $3000 exemption on their 2017 return.  To expedite the processing of your return, please click this link to get started.  Otherwise, send us a copy of your DD-214 and we will scan and file it with your 2017 NJ return.  Please understand that this is an exemption and not a refundable credit; you will not be receiving a check for $3k.  Sorry!  

Café Plan at work?

NJ taxes your otherwise "pre-tax" Medical coverage, purchased with your Café Plan (Cafe125) plan!  When preparing your documents to send, please be sure to include a copy of your final December paystub, so we can identify medical coverage that you purchased, and maximize your NJ deductions!


NJ's "EXIT TAX" is a subject that has many taxpayers and Real Estate professionals baffled.  Rather than write a lengthy article, the simple fact is that the "Exit Tax" is merely an estimated payment made in anticipation of the tax owed on the sale.  In many instances, the entire amount is refundable, especially if the sale was of your primary home (occupied as such for 24 out of the preceding 60 months).  Contact us to discuss your specific situation.  Feel free to peruse the following helpful links:


NJ Homestead Rebate

NJ Residents enjoying the Homestead Benefit program must remember to file each year.  Please provide us with the amount of your Benefit (applied or received), because NJ allows us to take the credit as an additional Property Tax payment on the NJ-1040 return!  This is another small item that might only mean a few bucks... but it's YOUR few bucks!